Division RAP

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Students learn to solve division facts quickly and accurately, with a fun beat. Kids discover what division is all about, solve story problems, use remainders, and even work long division. Approx. 55 min. Grades 3 & up. DVD.

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This is the fun way to learn what division is all about and practice solving basic division facts to a musical beat. Animated characters and colorful action engage learners. Includes understanding division, checking answers by using multiplication, parts of a division problem, remainders, story problems, and even an introduction to long division. Kids practice solving division facts, two through nine. Correlated to Common Core State Standards. Approximately 55 minutes. Grades 3 & up.

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1. EdResources

2. Highcove, Brisbane. Tel 07 3359 3776

3. Small Talk, Dangar. Tel 0434 391 441

4. Digitales, Melbourne. Tel 03 9690 5959

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French Flash Cards Vol. 1 – Little Pim

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Start building your child’s French vocabulary with these colourful flash cards!

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Start building your child’s French vocabulary! Our first volume of French flash cards introduces 60 French words and phrases for mealtime, playtime and other daily activities. The colorful illustrations of Little Pim on every card make learning fun for little ones, while the simple pronunciation guides on each card provide support for parents.

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1. Abbeys Bookshop, Sydney. Tel 02 9267 1397

2. Dymocks on Albert, Brisbane. Tel 07 3007 2800

3. All Foreign Languages Bookshop, Perth. Tel 08 9221 6888

4. Bookery, Melbourne. Tel 03 8417 9500

5. Bonjour Babies, Sydney. Tel 0434 105 228. Email info@bonjourbabies.com.au

6. The Language People, Brisbane. Tel: 07 3846 6252

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