Colors, Shapes & Counting

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Learn to count from 1 to 20 and identify basic as well as advanced colors (such as maroon and turquoise) and advanced shapes (such as polygons and ellipses). Approx. 46 min. Ages 2–5. DVD.

Product Information

Join Rollie Roundman, Trollie Triangle, and Rockford Rectangle for a learning adventure full of songs, laughter, and fun activities. Children enjoy counting objects by color, shape, or a combination of both. Even gifted learners will be challenged by advanced colors (maroon, turquoise) and shapes (polygons, ellipses). Correlated to Common Core State Standards. Approximately 46 minutes. Ages 2–5.

Where to Buy

1. EdResources

2. Highcove, Brisbane. Tel 07 3359 3776

3. Small Talk, Dangar. Tel 0434 391 441

4. Digitales, Melbourne. Tel 03 9690 5959

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Supplier Rock N Learn
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