Talk More French DVD

RRP $35.99


Ideal for those who know some basic French but don’t feel ready for a full conversation.

Product Information

Key features

  • Video footage allows you to see body language and lip movements of native speakers.
  • Alphabet section teaches you the individual sounds.
  • Covers nine different everyday situations: meeting and greeting, shops and restaurants, getting around, hotels, phone calls, emergencies, leisure and business.
  • Learn from any of over 85 native languages.

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NB. Talk More DVD is still available as a physical product on a disk in DVD casing from our resellers stores.

Where to Buy

1. Abbeys Bookshop, Sydney. Tel 02 9267 1397

2. All Foreign Languages Bookshop, Perth. Tel 08 9221 6888

3. Bookery, Melbourne. Tel 03 8417 9500

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