EuroTalk has been making language learning software for over 20 years. Started with European languages, it now offers courses for learning over 130 languages, with more added all the time.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a little more advanced, EuroTalk products give you the confidence to go out and use your language skills.

little pim

Little Pim’s award-winning language program for kids makes it fun and easy for children to learn a second language.

With 8 languages to choose from, its proprietary method teaches your child 360 words and phrases. In an increasingly global world, a little language goes a long way.

Teach Me courses

Teach Me offers a series of engaging books with audio CDs that introduce children to new languages by using familiar songs and stories. A perfect way to explore new languages for the young ones.

Available for learning French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, English, and Hebrew.

Rock n learn

Rock N Learn is a leading brand of educational DVD videos that help young kids learn, easily and effectively.

Learn A Language is their latest product that help young kids to discover a new language. It has all six languages on one DVD: French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German and English.

Midian Press

Midian Press offers language learning courses in either full pack with audio CDs, workbook, flash cards and phrase books or just a single audio CD.

The courses take students from beginner level and teaches them fast and effectively. Available for learning Indonesian or Filipino.